Monday, September 26, 2011

Inner Strength

為做功課而看完這本 Virginia Axline 的 Dibs In Search of Self,很好,有一點得著。讓我明白到怎樣去了解孩子的心,原來接受孩子多一點,他們也會接受自己多一點,就算大人也一樣.... just accept who they are.

From V. Axline:

Believe that understanding will lead us to the threshold of more effective ways of helping the person to develop and utilize his capacities more constructively.

To avoid facing this reality factor would not help him. He needed to develop strength to cope with his world, but that strength had to come from within him.

Letting the client to develop strength or change from within oneself in order to achieve psychological independence. Incorrect affection may deter one’s ability and flexibility to explore his/her inner strength and resources.

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