Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Self-Admin Test

正在回顧過去一年的自己,忽然想起年初因為 A&T 功課要求,做了四個 self-admin test:

Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices
- very good, above 98th percentile

Self-directed Search (SDS)
- my summary code is SA (Social & Artistic nature)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
- belong to Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging (INFJ)

Personality Diagnostic Questionnaire for the DSM-4 (PDQ4)
- no Personality Disorder

結果頗有趣,發現這個年紀的自己 general intelligence 仍然很好,還有 SDS 和 MBTI test result 顯示我原來非常適合 involve in the occupations related to social service or health care (e.g. social worker, counsellor, psychotherapist, childhood education).

意想不到 INFJ 這個類別原來很矜貴,只佔十六個類別中的 1-3%,還是 'an Idealist Portrait of the Counselor'. 甚麼是 INFJ ? 就是:

Slightly expressed introvert
Moderately expressed intuitive personality
Distinctively expressed feeling personality
Very expressed judging personality

最同意的描述是 : great listeners, naturally interested in helping people with their personal problems, directed toward communicating with people in a personalized way, came to read others’ feelings so keenly, concerned with people’s feelings, “doers” as well as dreamers, and at intervals INFJs will suddenly withdraw into themselves!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

再見 Therapy

昨晚心情已很興奮,想起今晚終於完成最後一課,可以回一回氣,整頓一下雜亂的筆記和 Journal.....以及心情, 好想給自己十個 'Like'!

不用再趕西隧飛 van,不用再長途拔涉上堂,不用再趕忙爬樓梯追電梯,不用再吃 Starbucks' muffin & green tea latte, 不用再放學傾功課,不用再星期六掙扎不上堂.... 噢!我竟然奇蹟地完成了九科!

這一年多裡,發生了很多事,算是苦多甜少。但停下來想一想,若不是讀了 counseling,相信今天的我已經榻了下來吧,還是要感謝上天給我的眷顧和引領。

能讀完九科,要感激的人實在太多,會緊記 'You don't know you can do unbelievable things until you have tried it.' 

What an amazing journey! 餘下來的 practicum, 就當是 recovery run 吧。

Monday, December 5, 2011


就快到終點,寫完這份 systematic review project ,就做完手頭上所有學科的功課。

不太喜歡做這類有關 evidence based review ,對那些甚麼 dependent variables, independent variables, measures, reliability & validity 沒啥興趣,只是不能不做。

特意為夜欄人靜趕 paper 而買的這部 notebook ,雖然不經常用,但在重要時刻曾經救了我幾命,要好好待它。

下學期做 research project 食糊還是要靠佢,到時再見!