Friday, February 25, 2011


上星期病到頭昏腦脹,今日還收到 department 說因為上星期缺席 Group Therapy Workshop 所以要做份extra assignment ‘to facilitate our learning’,我終於知道甚麼叫'沒有錦上添花,只有雪上加霜'。

看到令人惱火的 email,雖不能改變事實,但也忍不住回敬了幾個 email 告訴他們 I feel like ‘double loss’,還把時間表一拼送出:

Mar 5 Skills Training - self reflection journal
Mar 7 A&T Paper - self admin of test
Mar 9 Ab Psy mid term paper + oral presentation of cases
Mar 14 A&T Group presentation on translated test
Mar 28 A&T Group presentation on critical review of DSM
Apr 13 Ab Psy final term paper
Apr 18 A&T quiz
Apr 20 Ab Psy reflection paper due + oral presentation of cases
May 3 A&T final paper
May 7 Skills Training - self reflection paper

最激氣的時候,只能如同學所言 when feel “startled” by the laundry list of assignments, 唯有說句 'curse and condemn those who give us hard times' and 'it may stretch our potential to the point that we may not foresee'!